Dental Services

Experienced Dentists for Your Teeth

Dr. Bernier and his team of technicians have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. Over that span of time, we've modernized our equipment and practices, but our commitment to your comfort, safety, and satisfaction has remained the same.

We Provide Complete Care for Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy, fully functional, and looking their best is what we do. Whether you have a pain in your incisor, a cavity in a molar, a chip in your front tooth, or you just want to make sure your teeth stay beautiful, visit Dr. Bernier and his team at Dental Concepts in Westchester, IL.

Our Dental Services

At Dental Concepts, we provide high-quality dental services for you and your family. We administer regular teeth cleaning and checkups to prevent cavities and other issues. Our cosmetic dental practice can help you if you have chipped or damaged teeth. We do excellent work with dentures and partial dentures. We provide implants for all situations. We protect at-risk teeth with expert crown work as well. Call or visit us for all your dental needs.

Emergency Services

If you have a dental emergency, visit our office immediately. We have trained technicians ready to take X-rays and Panorex X-rays of the affected area. Dr. Bernier and his staff are skilled in diagnosing and treating problem teeth and traumas of the oral cavity. Call or visit us in case of an emergency. We'll attend to you quickly.

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